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Compare AtHome Care to Other Home Care/Home Health Providers

AtHome Care provides as little as 1 hour and as much as 24hrs a day seven days a week.
Other home care providers- often have restrictions in the total hours and availability they offer to their customers.

AtHome Care provides Introductions by our management team. Introducing new caregivers so that they have a complete understanding of what their duties are. Personal introductions also ensures that our Clients are comfortable with whom we have brought to provide the care.
Other home care providers-Often no Introduction is done, and an employee is just sent out to the home.

AtHome Care is a Family owned and operated Corporation that started out of need. We have been providing services for a quarter of a century.
Other home care providers- often have less experience and operate through a franchisee.

AtHome Care’s
employees are covered under Workers Compensation, Property Liability, and Property Damage, Bonded against theft and take care of all the State and Federal fillings.
Other home care providers-are generally companies that do not have their own employees, they have a registry and then assign the private caregiver to you. This in return can make you an Employer.

AtHome Care provides hands on care. Our operations allow us to actually provide hands on care if the care requires it…. we provide companionship care for the terminally ill.
Other home care providers- certain agencies and franchise operations often times do not allow them to provide hands on care or assistance unless the clients meet certain weight bearing percentages.